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Logged out after every post

Jan 4, 2019 - 11:26 AM

https://getchamp.myshopify.com/community/champ/forums/1021/topics/4046 Copy
  • I created a forum, then created a topic with description. once I click save im then logged out and have to log in again every time.
    Also If i click on the forum link to take me back to the main page im logged out every time
    I can't justify paying money for a service which seems very new and still buggy... it should be free while buggy(in BETA). and paid for once running smoothly and efficiently. If I could be a beta tester and have this for free. I could justify promoting my community to use it as they know it will be buggy. offering back a lot of valubke feedback
    Its the same price as a basic shopify plan. shopify runs smoothly.

  • update. I am logged out after completing any and every individual task. I keep having to press login and go to the main storefront and log in which takes me back where i want to be. I dont want to do this so my customers definetly wont given their life style choices...

  • update. This happens on desktop and mobile. Have asked 1 customer to sign up and see what it is like for him too.

  • Hi Sam,

    It appears this is related to some Shopify domain setting related to your store. I've been able to fix this for your shop.

    Let me know if you run into any issues.

    With regards to the app's pricing, I understand that it may be expensive for some shops. I've outlined the rationale behind the pricing here: https://getchamp.net/pricing/. The pricing helps make the app a sustainable business for us and help justify to my kids why I'm working on weekends.

    This post was edited Jan 5, 2019 01:56PM
  • Test

  • Hey there,

    we have a similar problem, even if I am logged in, i still see the Login link in Google Chrome and can't post. I don't know what todo - is this probably related to Domain Settings, too? Strange is that it worked some time, but atm I can't login

    https://www.soberberlin.com/community/support is the URL from our Forum.

    thanks a lot!

  • I had a similar problem to what you described. Turns out it was due to some settings in Cloudflare where my domain was hosted. I turned off caching and it fixed it.

  • Hi @Soberlin,

    I just created an account on your store and was able to login/logout/post (and stay logged in afterwards).

    Could you send me more information to support@getchamp.net? I'd like to look into this further.

    If you provide the following information, that would be great:

    • Your browser and browser version
    • Steps to reproduce the problem (if you're able to provide this)

    I also did some digging around and found this useful post from the Shopify community forum: https://community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-Discussion/How-to-keep-customer-logged-in/m-p/468169

    As you may already know, Champ does not handle the logging in/logging out functionality of your website. We just piggy-back on top of Shopify's authentication system. If you read the post from the Shopify community forum, the Shopify customer rep says that the cookie which keeps the customer logged in expires after 24 hours. This means if there's a period of inactivity, Shopify's own system will log you out automatically, which may be what's happening.

    What should not be happening (and let me know if you notice this) is if you login, post right away, and you get logged out -- again, this should not be happening.

    Some merchants who are on trial period on Shopify also have a problem where their custom domains are configured properly -- but that's another problem entirely altogether. Champ asks Shopify for the proper configuration to do a correct redirection after a post is made -- and if this information is incorrect, then Champ redirects to the wrong site and that may affect the user's logged in status.

    Hope the above information helps.


    Need help? Contact me at support@getchamp.net or here. Brand new! Add your own signature at https://getchamp.myshopify.com/community/champ/preference
  • Looks great

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