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How do I contact support?

Feb 17, 2018 - 10:27 AM

https://getchamp.myshopify.com/community/champ/forums/6/topics/28 Copy
  • What's the best way to contact Champ's support?

  • Right here in the forum is the best. You can also click on Support right within the app for further instructions.

    As well, don't forget to check out our documentation guides: https://getchamp.net/guides/

    This post was edited 2018-03-06 01:03:45 -0500
  • that support link errors!!! 403!!!

    Moderator Edit: The link (to our guide) currently works. If it doesn't, please contact us at support@getchamp.net for assistance.

    This post was edited 2018-08-02 21:51:43 -0400
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