Today I've added a feature to allow the notification of moderators if a post is present that requires moderation.

This feature takes into account a few things:

  • Only moderators who are considered moderators for that specific forum will receive notifications (eg. through moderator tags)
  • If no moderator tags are set for a forum, then anyone who has moderator privileges will receive email
  • Feature will only work if you have notifications set up
  • The system checks for unapproved posts every 10 minutes -- so if there's an unapproved post, it should take (at most) 10-15 minutes for you to receive notice of it (assuming you have everything set up properly). If it takes longer than that, let me know and I'll look into it.
  • This feature is separate from the general all forum notification feature as some merchants/admin found they were missing the general all forum notifications (which runs every 3 hours) and wanted a more frequent way to be notified of posts that needed approval.

To enable this feature, go to the app's dashboard and under settings, you should find the following section:

Screenshot 2019-08-27 16.03.32.png

One last thing. This is a beta feature, and so please report any bugs you find to me at support[at]