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Customize Header?

Jul 30, 2018 - 11:33 AM

https://getchamp.myshopify.com/community/champ/forums/7/topics/1658 Copy
  • I haver tried to email someone at support@getchamp.net 4 times now and the email bounces. I need help or I need to remove your app.

    Is there any way to customize the top of the page to make it look like it fits in our store more. Its so plain - it does not appear that you can put a H1 header on top of the forums. Is there anyway to add a page header or image for the forum page to make it look more like an extension of our site?

  • First off, sorry for the no reply. Our emails (hosted by Google, of all places) were bouncing due to some maintenance Google was doing.

    You can completely replace and redesign your header by adding a snippet in your theme's snippet directory (right in Shopify).

    Here's some additional informational information: https://getchamp.net/guides/customizations/#using-custmized-liquid-snippets

    When you add a snippet, it'll still use our application's CSS, but you can add inline CSS if you'd like. The forums site is based on Bootstrap 4's CSS framework, so it should be fairly easy to make it look acceptable.

    Reference: https://getbootstrap.com

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