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FEATURE REQUEST - adding photos

Jul 31, 2018 - 6:06 AM

https://getchamp.myshopify.com/community/champ/forums/7/topics/1759 Copy
  • I think that the external image service host is very poor as I have difficulty uploading images. Also, their prices are way too high for hosting images. I recommend that you add some space to your host. It is not that expensive to host images. By hosting images on your server, you will be able to add more value to the app!

  • Or: Simply support Google Drive for that for example?

  • I disagree. I like the whole idea of the external image service. I spoke with the developer about this before. Basically there's a cost to providing the infrastructure which isn't free. If you're using a lot of resources (ie. space, bandwidth), then you should be able to control this yourself.

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