To keep merchants informed about what's coming up next, I'll post here what we're working on next for the app.

  • User point system
  • User tagging within messages (eg. @joe) will notify @joe
  • User inbox to facilitate user-to-user communications
  • Forum schema Currently, only pages with topics have schema. For those who are interested, please take a look at the schema. If there are additional properties you want added, please comment in this thread.
  • JSON API A basic API is up and running. Currently it only offers READ ONLY ability.
  • Meta tag noindex setting at the forum AND topic level (with overrides available)
  • Customize favicon
  • Avatar images should maintain aspect ratios

Strikethroughs indicate that the feature has been completed.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please add it below here. I ask that you create an account and log in if you post so that I can follow up with you directly if I have any questions or need clarification on suggestions.