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  • Planned Champ Features (Last updated February 2019)

Planned Champ Features (Last updated February 2019)

Feb 3, 2019 - 12:15 PM

  • As usual, a monthly thread is created to keep our customers informed about what new features are coming up.

    Here is last month's thread (January 2019): https://getchamp.myshopify.com/community/champ/forums/7-support/topics/4011-planned-champ-features-last-updated-january-2019

    Some features were delayed to the complexity of the messaging system, which was rolled out last month. These will hopefully be completed in February.

    Strikethroughs indicate that the feature has been completed.

    If you have any ideas or suggestions, please add it below here. I ask that you create an account and log in if you post so that I can follow up with you directly if I have any questions or need clarification on suggestions.

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  • What is the ETA on user tagging within messages?

  • Hi @Anonymous,

    Was a bit busy with bug fixes and what not over the last 2 weeks. I've rearranged the list in the first post of this thread with ETAs next to all the features.

  • @notifications is partially released. Currently, the system will highlight and autosuggest users when you prefix any words with the @ sign (without quotations). In the next few days, a notification system will be activated where users referenced by @ will receive a notification as well.

    You will need to have notifications active in the dashboard for this to work, as well as a email service provider to send the emails.

    Here's a demonstration for myself: @champsupport. Give it a shot, try tagging me in a reply here.

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  • @champsupport test

  • Could you implement a feature for view counts?

  • @Anonymous, added to list

    As an additional update -- the timelines for some of the list of features to add have been moved back as we're already in the middle of February (well, a few days from now). Timelines are moved regularly to reflect the realities of software development. Sometimes things move quicker than expected, and sometimes slower. Our goal is always to work as efficiently as possible while trying our best to release bug-free (or minimal bug) code.

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  • @cha ...

    We don't see the auto suggest part of it yet... as soon as we type @cha it starts to put that text in a yellow highlight, like above, but it's not then clear what the actual username should be since there's not auto complete/suggestion that we see.

    The same happens on our site... it highlights in yellow, but no autocomplete which means we don't know what the actual / correct username should be.

  • @krisvannest Our search algorithm isn't perfect at this point and needs fine tuning. For example, to search up your name, search suggestions begin showing at around the fourth letter.

    I have a few ideas on how to improve this, but need to do some development testing.

    If you have a list of test names for your forum, forward them to me at support@getchamp.net and I can use that as a benchmark.

    Screenshot 2019-02-15 08.09.13.png

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  • Update: This should be improved! The autosuggest will also be showing the associated avatar for the users as well as displaying it in a nicer manner -- hopefully some time this weekend or Monday.

  • Uh Viewcount is a good idea indeed, but please with an option to disable, so that we dont have to be ashamed for forums without much traffic :D

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