Early this morning, I received a support email from a merchant who had installed Champ and noticed issues with their login and logout for their customers.

I just want to share with the community here about what happened.

First off, Champ does not modify your Shopify store settings or themes. As a result, Champ cannot affect the core functionality of your store no matter what. Simply put, Shopify does not grant Champ that kind of access. [I also designed Champ to not touch/modify/mess with any other parts of merchants' stores because... well... I didn't want to have to deal with this stuff :-).]

In this particular case, the merchant had made some settings to their Cloudflare (which is a DNS provider). This likely cached some part of the login/logout process within Shopify and broke their shop's functionality.

Hopefully this post helps. Again, if you notice something is off with the core functionality of your Shopify store, please ask Shopify first. In my experience, they will be able to let you know if it is something wrong on their end or ours immediately. If it is something our app is doing, they will contact us directly.

Thank you!