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  • Workaround IF Renaming A Topic Break Its Shared Link/URL?

Workaround IF Renaming A Topic Break Its Shared Link/URL?

Feb 22, 2019 - 6:35 PM

https://getchamp.myshopify.com/community/champ/forums/7/topics/4899 Copy
  • Hi @support,

    We sometimes share our posts on Facebook etc using the thread URL to help generate awareness/traffic.

    We sometimes need to rename a thread, topic, or even forum... especially when starting out. And our users may eventually do the same.

    For example, we recently wanted to rename one of our forums to make it a little more user accessible after getting early feedback on it.

    But it looks like renaming a thread/topic/forum might break the URL we previously share on Facebook... can you confirm and is there any recommended workaround?

    I think we can trip out the text after the numbers in a Champ URL... like in our example:

    It looks like it goes to the same place.

    But our users may not be that savvy, or have the time to delete extra characters, so thinking their shared links will likely break if we do rename a forum/thread/topic after they do a share.

    Overall, It'd be awesome if we were able to share a thread without worrying about it breaking later if we change the name.

    Perhaps there's a PermalLink you could include on each post where Champ automatically strips out all the variable text... like a PermaLink button or Share Link button next to each post... that leaves/shows only the part that won't ever change (ex: https://makeitseries.com/a/community/forums/1721 if that works as I think above)?

    That way, people could just use the auto-generated / auto-stripped down PermaLink or Share Link without manually editing, and things wouldn't break if we rename internally.

    Thanks if possible!

  • Great suggestion! Added to todo


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