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Customize Header?

Jul 25, 2018 - 10:52 AM

https://getchamp.myshopify.com/community/champ/forums/6/topics/1390 Copy
  • Is there any way to customize the top of the page to make it look like it fits in our store more. Its so plain - you cannot even put a H1 header on top of the forums.

  • Can anyone help us?

  • Looks like your presale forum is not really great if you can't answer a simple question- this type of thing keeps people from buying. FYI.


  • this is a reply to a specific comment

  • This question is already answered in another thread: https://getchamp.myshopify.com/community/champ/forums/7-support/topics/1658-customize-header

    There's also a link in that thread to the guide: https://getchamp.net/guides/customizations/#using-custmized-liquid-snippets

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